How are we doing?

As at 1 May 2024

Stats 2023 - 2024

With our new system, the status of each weed patch is reset each year. This ensures we check for any regrowth or seedlings from previously controlled patches. 

As we check and control the weed patches over the year, the %age rises up from 0.


Up to date figures are shown on the dashboard. You currently need a CAMS account to access it, but we're aiming to open it up for public access soon.

The CAMS map shows all the OMB reported and controlled across Wellington City. See the key on the left to decode the colours/symbols.

You can open this map in your browser here.

Or install it on your device, this will install the ArcGIS Field Maps app and open the CAMS Weed App map. After installing, the map will open by default when you open Field Maps.

Previous stats up to September 2022

Prior to Sept 2022 we used a different system for mapping OMB that didn't reset the status each year. Here's the number of patches of OMB reported on iNaturalist and the number that were controlled up to Sept 2022:

with a growing number of monthly reports since 2018:

Why isn't my OMB showing up on the map?

The map is showing all old man's beard observations on iNaturalist. 

See how to add your OMB to iNaturalist.

Why isn't my OMB showing as being controlled?

We use the observation fields on the Weed Management Aotearoa NZ project on iNaturalist to determine whether the OMB is controlled. We'd love to get more reports of OMB being controlled.

See how to update your observation on iNaturalist.

The data is synchronised hourly from iNaturalist.

Since the seed bank is viable for 10 years, we reset the status of each dot to "Purple - please check" each winter.