Report it

We're tracking OMB in Wellington so we can locate it and keep track of what's been controlled and what's left to do! 

We're keen to get your sightings, ideally through iNaturalist, but if that's not for you, you can report via our form (below).

Using iNaturalist

The best place to record your observations is via the iNaturalist app. Not only will your observation be peer reviewed to give you the confidence it is OMB, but it will also be added to our OMB map which we use to track the status of OMB across the city

Follow up with an email to if we don't get back to you.

To get started, follow our instructions below or see our video on the Mapping Old Man's Beard page.

How to report old man's beard on mobile. Install the iNaturalist app. Allow access to photos and location. Open the app, sign up and log in. Tap the + button. Take or choose one or more photos. Tap "What did you see?" and select or enter "old man's beard". Tap on the location and make sure it's accurate. Tap on the tick button.
Open Sign up and log in. Click "Upload". Upload one or more photos. Click "Species Name" and select or enter "old man's beard". Click on location and search for or refine the location. Add any notes, eg. additional location details. Submit it.

Click here to sign up to iNaturalist.

When adding it to iNaturalist, please check, and move if required, the location on the map so it is accurate. This helps other people find the plant to control it. The GPS isn't always that accurate.

Adding your observation to the Weed Management Aotearoa NZ project and filling in relevant fields will give us the best data to control it with. You can also update previous observations as you control them or hunt for them. See our user guide for details.

Your observation will automatically be added to the Old Man's Beard Free Wellington project.

If you're starting or running a group, see our advice on administering iNaturalist.

Using our form

If you're not comfortable using iNaturalist, you can report it via our form below.