Mapping Old Man's Beard

Reporting Old Man's Beard observations on iNaturalist automatically add them to our CAMS weed map. The synchronisation runs hourly so you may need to wait an hour for your report to show up.


The following videos show you how to report Old Man's Beard using iNaturalist and how to use the CAMS weed map to find and update the status of Old Man's Beard patches.

Useful links

Using the CAMS weed map on your browser

Installing the CAMS weed map on a mobile device

This will prompt you to install ArcGIS Field Maps. After installing ArcGIS Field Maps, you don't need to sign in, the map is publicly available.

Click on the above link a second time to open the map (note there's an issue with entering the link into the URL bar of Chrome, you need to click the link instead).

Signing up for iNaturalist 

Weed Management Aotearoa NZ iNaturalist project