Controlling Old Man's Beard In Wellington, NZ 

"Conservation is shifting from being something that a DOC ranger does 'somewhere else' – in Fiordland or on an island – to something we all do in our backyards and paddocks and reserves."

Paul Ward, Founder, The Capital Kiwi Project

Our mission is to take care of our "backyards" and clear Old Man's Beard across Wellington, allowing our bush to thrive and provide homes and food for our manu (birds) and other wildlife. 

There's too much Old Man's Beard to expect the council to control it all. It's up to us as volunteers to clear what we can, allowing the council dollars to stretch further in support.

Old Man's Beard is the most damaging alien climber in New Zealand - one plant can blanket an area up to 180 square metres, stunting and killing all it grows on.

It'll take dedicated effort from individuals and community groups to stop it destroying our trees, gardens and whole forest areas

The good news is people are fighting it. Check out how to identify itreport it, clear it in your backyard, and consider starting or joining a community group to protect wider areas, including parks, reserves and road reserves

Identify it

Find out what it looks like and distinguish it from other plants

Let us know if you've spotted some, or want help removing it

Meet some of the people taking action

Who we are, contacts and common questions

Who are we?

We're a group of volunteers controlling OMB across Wellington. We work with groups and individuals to provide them the training and tools to control OMB. We also run working bees ourselves to control it.

You can follow our progress on our Facebook page or Instagram

If you'd like to volunteer to tackle OMB, please join our Facebook group to find out about events or fill in our volunteer form.