Plans For 2022-2023

For the 2022-2023 OMB season, we plan to make a number of reserves "OMB Free", ie all known OMB is cleared. In future years, we're hoping to create "halos" around these reserves to reduce the risk of reinvasion as well as ongoing monitoring. The reserves we're targetting initially are:

  • Te Ahumairangi

  • Mt Victoria

  • Hataitai Park

  • Prince of Wales Park

  • Nairn Street Park

  • "Gum Gully" (Town Belt area outside Berkeley Dallard Apartments)

  • Central Park

  • Tanera Park and Gully

  • Waimapihi

  • "Pukehīnau / Kiwifoot"

  • Raroa Rd Reserve

  • Ngā Kumikumi

We're also working with Econet to adopt their CAMS Weed App. This will allow us to monitor and control the OMB on an ongoing basis. The app resets the status of each weed annually, then as you update each weed status, it changes colour (and shape) to show the current status.

Our primary input mechanism will still be through iNaturalist. The solution we're developing will sync the iNaturalist data to the CAMS weed app (on an hourly basis) including control status and some new fields we are adding. More details to follow...

This solution is in use by the STAMP (Society Totally Against Moth Plant) team in Auckland, along with other organisations, so we're happy to be adopting and improving their solutions.

Once this is in place and we've revisited previous OMB observations, we'll have a much better indication of the work involved in making our reserves OMB Free 😁

More plans to follow...